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I AM my scars

When a video game cutscene makes you reflect on your own life, you know it’s good. I was playing WoW and watched this cutscene. In short, this goddess of light (Xe’ra) offers to “heal the scars” of Illidan (more emotional than physical), and he declines, saying “I AM my scars”. He has an inner demon, which constantly torments him emotionally,…

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ADHD, Anxiety

Why do some kids with ADHD do great in school?

I was one of the kids who had pretty good grades, top ones at subjects I loved, good enough ones at the rest. I even got my Master’s degree before getting diagnosed. It was only when I started working full-time, requiring sustained effort 8 hours a day, that I crashed and burned. My “trick”? Crippling anxiety. Yes, anxiety can mask…

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The 4 stages of emotion

Our brains have a tendency to cling on to an emotion and amplify it. Observing my own mind, I found that there are 4 stages to any emotion. Psychologists call it the “emotional feedback loop”, although it’s not formally described in these stages. Let’s go through them, taking anxiety and excitement as examples: Stage 1: Physiological response Something out of…

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