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Why do some kids with ADHD do great in school?

I was one of the kids who had pretty good grades, top ones at subjects I loved, good enough ones at the rest. I even got my Master’s degree before getting diagnosed. It was only when I started working full-time, requiring sustained effort 8 hours a day, that I crashed and burned. My “trick”? Crippling anxiety. Yes, anxiety can mask…

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Anxiety, Mindfulness, Psychology

The 4 stages of emotion

Our brains have a tendency to cling on to an emotion and amplify it. Observing my own mind, I found that there are 4 stages to any emotion. Psychologists call it the “emotional feedback loop”, although it’s not formally described in these stages. Let’s go through them, taking anxiety and excitement as examples: Stage 1: Physiological response Something out of…

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